Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 6th July 2015

Minutes from Ordinary Meeting held on Monday 6th July 2015 at 7.30pm

Councillors Present: Cllrs M Cain (Chair), J Evans, Mrs L Williams and Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council)

In attendance: David Atkinson (Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty), Tracy Knights (Lengthsman) and 3 members of the public

1. Co-options – There were none.

2. Apologies – County Cllr D Harlow, PSCO Lowri Anderson and Hayley Crane (Herefordshire Housing)

3. Declaration of Interest – There were none

4. Open Public Session

4.1. Views of Local Residents
4.1.1. The Clerk reported that residents had complained about the state of the overgrown path from the village car park to Village Hall. The Council AGREED to ask the Tracy the Lengthsman to tidy up the overgrown path.
4.1.2. Clerk to contact Graham Hornsby to set up a meeting to discuss proceeding with the “SLOW” sign on the road through the Village. Clerk to action
4.1.3. The potholes on A466 and at bottom of Church Hill have been reported to Dave Atkinson. This was of particular concern that these were repaired on A466 as this road is used a lot by cyclists during the summer months.
4.1.4. Clerk to action reporting the potholes on the Three Ashes cut through road via the Herefordshire Council website. Clerk to action
4.1.5. The issue of speeding through the village was raised again. Clerk to action chasing up the SID that is planned for August and to speak to Anthony Bush about what is available to Parish Councils for helping with speed issues. Clerk to action

4.2. Report from West Mercia Police
4.2.1. As PSCO Lowri Anderson was unable to attend, but Clerk had circulated the most current Police Briefing to all Councillors and will in the future get it put on the website. Clerk to action

4.3. Report from David Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward
4.3.1. Dave Atkinson apologised that the grass and verge cutting was taking to so long to complete this year. The second cut is due in August but some places still have not had their first cut.
4.3.2. Dave reported that things were progressing with regards to the Isle of Dogs flooding issue. County Councillors form Birch and Llangarron Wards have been involved and the landowner has been approached and spoken to. A meeting with the landowner has been set up.

4.4. Report from County Councillor David Harlow
4.4.1. Cllr Harlow was unable to attend the meeting but had sent a report for the Clerk to read out at the meeting. Clerk to ask Cllr Harlow if this report can be published on the website. Clerk to action.

4.5. Report from Tracy Knights, Lengthsman
4.5.1. The Council asked Tracy to tidy up the overgrown path from the Village Hall to the village car park. Tracy to action

5. The minutes from the meeting held on 8th June 2015 were signed and adopted.

6. Lengthsman

6.1. The Council noted the maintenance budget for 2015/16 completed by the Clerk.
6.1.1. The Council signed the Lengthsman contract and the P3 Scheme Contract between Herefordshire Council and the Parish Council
6.2. The Clerk asked the Chairman to sign an invoice claiming Q4 payment for Lengthsman Scheme from 2014/15. Clerk to action
6.3. The Council spoke to Tracy about carrying out the work involved in the P3 Scheme. Tracy confirmed that he would be able to do it but would like the help of others who regularly walk the Parish footpaths to report back any issues.
6.4. Clerk to find out how much the P3 Scheme budget is and how it operates. Clerk to action
6.5. Clerk to ask Dave Atkinson to print off some coloured parish maps showing the footpaths. Dave Atkinson to action

7. Housing

7.1. The Clerk read out a letter received from Stephen Ingram from Two Rivers Housing. The letter informed the Council that Stephen attended a Pre-application Planning Meeting with Herefordshire Planners at short notice after his annual leave. The Planners were not happy with the proposed number of houses and the location of the houses. Clerk to action contacting Stephen and expressing how disappointed the Council were not be to informed about the Pre-application Planning Meeting and given the opportunity to attend.
7.2. Clerk to find out whom the Planning Officer is with regards to the housing project. Clerk to action
7.3. Clerk to contact Duchy of Cornwall to open up discussions with them. Clerk to action

8. Website

8.1. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to speak with Mark Millmore about the content to go on the website. Clerk to action
8.2. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to advertise the website in the local magazine and on the notice board by the shop. Clerk to action

9. Finances

9.1. It was AGREED to review the quotes for the village signage at the September meeting.
9.2. It was AGREED to adopt the Financial Regulations after the Clerk has made the necessary amendments discussed. Clerk to action
9.3. It was AGREED to adopt the up to date Standing Orders after the Clerk has made the necessary amendments discussed. Clerk to action
9.4. The Council AGREED to complete the Bank Mandate form to include the following as signatories. Cllr Richard Williams and Cllr Julian Evans to remain as signatories and Cllr Laura Williams and Cllr Michael Cain (new Chairman) to be added on as new signatories. Claire Harris (ex Chairman) and Thelma Salvage (ex Clerk) to be taken off as signatories. The Council also requested that the Bank Statements be sent to address of the new Clerk Kate Hughes and no longer to Thelma Salvage. Clerk to action
9.5. To Council noted the HSBC Bank Balance £3609.63
9.6. To Council AGREED to pay the following invoices
9.6.1. Clerk’s salary £196.95 July (Chq 100350) & £196.95 August (Chq 100352) £393.90
9.6.2. Lengthsman invoice no.503 (Chq 100351) £45.00

10. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

10.1. The Council AGREED to discuss this at the next meeting

11. The correspondence received was Bank Statement and a grant request from Citizens Advice Bureau.

12. Items for the next meeting

12.1. Housing, Village sign quotes, Website, NDP and Lengthsman and P3 Scheme

13. The date of next meeting will be held on Monday 7th September at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 9pm