Minutes of Meeting held 9th February 2015

Minutes of Meeting held at 7.30pm on 9th February 2015 in St Weonards Village Hall

Mrs Claire Harris (Chair),Mr M Cain, Mr Julian Evans, Mr Richard Williams, Mrs Laura Williams, Mr Jon Norris(Herefordshire Council) Mr Tracey Knights (Lengthsman) and 13 members of the Public
1. Mrs Thelma Savage – in the absence of the Clerk Mrs Laura Williams took the Minutes
2. To receive Declarations of Interest/requests of dispensation None
3.1 Open Session
The Parish Council welcomed Representatives from the Duchy of Cornwall Estates: Nick Pollock Deputy Estate Surveyor and David Curtis Land Steward. The Duchy had 10 identified plots of development land in Herefordshire including 5 acres next to the A466 and school playing fields. This was an early consultation to discuss Neighbourhood Plans and future building needs. Cllr Cain explained the process of Neighbourhood Plans to the members of public present and stressed that the Parish Council were at the first stage of this community led plan, the next steps being the formation of a Steering Group made up of parishioners culminating in a parish referendum to approve the plan. As St Weonards was identified in the Core Strategy as a village with the opportunity for housing growth it was important that the plan establishes how the Parish should develop. Mr Curtis and Mr Pollock informed the council that the Duchy had no plans for the land but would appreciate the opportunity to keep in contact with the Parish Council and attend further meetings.
3.2 To receive report from Locality Steward.
Mr Atkinson had no further updates for the Council so it was agreed prior to that he did not need to attend this meeting.
3.3 Mr Jon Morris gave a brief report.
3.4 Public Participation Session
No matters raised
4. The Minutes of Meeting held on 8th December were agreed to be a true and accurate record and signed by the Chair.
5. Neighbourhood Plan
This had been covered in Open Session. The Council will discuss the timescale of moving the process forward at the next Meeting.
6. Lengthsman Report
There had been a Litter Pick on 9 January, however, the 15 bags of rubbish had not yet been collected following a issue with contractual decisions with Balfour Beatty about who would collect it.
There were 33 full salt bins and 2 ton of salt stored at Church Farm and Treago Farm.
Tracy and Richard had attending a launch workshop on the 3 February for the new Lengthsman Scheme for 2015/16

  • The existing Scheme ceases 31 March
  • Parish Council will need to reapply to join the Scheme plus the requirement of a new contract between both councils.
  • The new Scheme will require increased communication and management of the contracts between Lengthsman, Locality Steward and Parish Council.
  • The Parish Council will need to do a Maintenance Plan at the beginning of the year. This will set out the requirements and identify training (at cost to Lengthsman ) insurance and liabilities.
  • Budget for 2015/16 is £120 per km. There will be match funding of an additional £100 per km, however as this year’s Precept has now been set this will not be an option.
  • Work can be done on B roads providing the Lengthsman has the required qualifications (tickets) which they will need to fund themselves.

7. Correspondence
8. Agenda items for the next meeting to be held on 9th March
None noted

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.45pm