Minutes of Annual Meeting 11th May 2014

Minutes Of The Annual Meeting Held On Monday 11th May 2014 At Llanwarne Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs M Cain, Mrs L Williams, J Evans, R Williams and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk to Council)

IN ATTENDANCE: Claire Harris (as outgoing Chair), Tracy Knights (Lengthsman), Dave Atkinson (BBLP Locality Steward) and two other residents

Prior to the start of the meeting the elected Councillors signed their Acceptance of Office forms. They also read the Code of Conduct and signed to say they had read it.

1. Election of Chairman. Cllr Laura Williams proposed that Cllr Mike Cain take up the position of Chairman and Cllr Julian Evans seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Chairman, Cllr M Cain was elected. The Chairman signed the Acceptance of Office of Chairman form.

2. Election of Vice Chairman. Cllr Mike Cain proposed that Cllr Richard Williams continues as Vice Chairman for another year and Cllr Julian Evans seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Vice Chairman, Cllr R Williams was re-elected.

3. Election of other offices

3.1. Internal Auditor – Cllr Mike Cain proposed that Bev Hill continues as the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor and Cllr L Williams seconded it.
3.2. Representative on the Village Hall Management Committee – Cllr Mike Cain proposed and Cllr Laura Williams seconded that Cllr Richard Williams continues as Village Hall Representative.

4. Co-option of Councillors

4.1. There were no co-options of Councillors. It was agreed for the Clerk to put a notice in the Parish Magazine and on the Noticeboard that there are 2 vacancies for Councillors on the Parish Council.
4.2. Paul Gray expressed an interest in finding out more about the role of a Parish Councillor. Clerk to action sending him relevant information.

5. Apologies

5.1. There were no apologies

6. Declarations of Interest

6.1. The Clerk informed Councillors that they would need to complete a new Declaration of Interests Form and return it within 28 days from 12th May, ie to return by 8th June. Clerk to action emailing the form to Councillors and ensuring the forms are returned.
6.2. None declared.

7. Code of Conduct: It was agreed to adopt the Herefordshire Code of Conduct with the amended version that Councillors are to leave the room on declaring a Disclosable Pencuniary Interest. All Councillors read the Code of Conduct and signed that they had read it at the start of the meeting.

8. Open Discussions

8.1. View from residents:
8.1.1. Paul Gray asked if the Clerk had heard anything more about moving the Bus Stop. Clerk to action following this up and report back.
8.2. Report from West Mercia Police – they were not in attendance and no report given
8.3. Report from County Councillor – they were not in attendance and no report given
8.4. Report from Tracy Knights, Lengthsman – Tracy updated Councillors on work that he has completed. The bus shelter window had been cleaned, most of the signs in and around the village had been washed and tidied up and he had completed the necessary mowing and streaming in the village on the road to improve visibility.
8.4.1. It was agreed for Tracy to tidy up the vegetation around the bus stop and shelter by the Pike Cottages.
8.5. Report from Dave Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward
8.5.1. With regards to the incident at the top of Church Hill in April, Dave had visited the site to inspect the issues raised. As this one-way system was completed by Amey and funded by Herefordshire Council under the Housing project, he spoke to Hayley Crane at Herefordshire Council to gain clarification over what could be done to help improve the area to resolve some of the issues. He confirmed that he was able to install 3 red and white bollards just behind the kerbing to highlight to drivers that it was there.
8.5.2. He has put in a request to sort out the vegetation coming through the tarmac on the path.
8.5.3. He has put in a request for the yellow bus stop lines to be remarked.
8.5.4. He had looked at the drains by Brian Whistance’s place.
8.5.5. He advised that the Clerk contact Hayley Crane and Bruce Evans with regards to the passing places on the bottom lane. Clerk to action
8.5.6. Clerk to action contacting Graham Hornsby of BBLP Traffic Orders with regards to the request from Residents for a SLOW sign on the road through the village.
8.5.7. The issue of the flooding at the Isle of Dogs was raised and Dave advised the Clerk to contact Chris Wright at BBLP Structure Engineer and Mark Wright at BBLP Land Drainage to help look at and resolve the issue. Clerk to look for original email correspondence. There is also a problem with silting which will potentially need to be resolved with the landowners in this area. Clerk to action.

9. The minutes from the meeting held on 13th April 2015 were adopted and signed by the Chairman.

10. Housing

10.1. The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted Stephen Ingram from Two Rivers Housing and they had requested a meeting with the Parish Councillors to update them on the current options. Clerk to action
10.2. The Clerk confirmed that she has contacted Hayley Crane at Herefordshire Council to arrange a meeting to gain an update. Clerk to action

11. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

11.1. The Chairman updated the Council that he had attended a grant meeting and also met up with Dave Tristram with regards to starting to apply for a grant. He had also contacted David Gooding of Data Orchard to start the process of completing a NDP.

12. Planning

12.1. The Council agreed to adopt the policy for the Clerk commenting on planning applications between meetings where applicable. The Clerk to be given the power to comment on behalf of the Councillors on planning application between meetings. The Clerk to discuss the planning application with Councillors and ensure the Chairman is informed about all planning applications. It was agreed that this policy would only be used in circumstances where a Parish Council Meeting could not be held to discuss the planning application.

13. Finances

13.1. The Council agreed to delegating emergency power to Clerk between meetings for expenditure after discussion and consultation with two other councillors with an expenditure of up to £250
13.2. The Council agreed to discuss the Village Signs at the next meeting
13.3. The Council reviewed and compared the insurance renewal policies from Aon and Came and Co and agreed to have the Came and Co insurance policy this year as the quote was more competitive. Clerk to action payment of £265 (cheque no:100347)
13.4. The Council agreed to adopt the 2014/2015 accounts. The annual return and governance statement on the audit form was completed and approved by the Councillors. Clerk to action return of audit form by 30th June.
13.5. The Council agreed to add 2 more signatories to the Bank to sign the cheques and also to remove any signatories that are no longer on the Parish Council. The Clerk will not be added as a signatory. Clerk to action
13.6. The Council agreed to pay the following invoices and the Clerk to action:
13.6.1. It was agreed to pay the Lengthsman invoices for April of £220 and £97.50 (cheque no: 100344)
13.6.2. It was agreed to pay the Clerk on monthly instalments of £196.95 (cheque no: 100345)
13.7. The Council agreed to join HALC and the cost for membership for a year is £254.40 + VAT (cheque no: 100346).
13.8. The Council noted the remittance advice for the 1st instalment of the precept £2175, to be paid 17th April
13.9. The Bank balance was noted as £2915.51 on 5/4/2015, therefore Bank Reconciliation is £5090.51 with

14. Lengthsman Scheme

14.1. The Clerk confirmed that she would need to meet with Tracy Knights to complete the maintenance budget and send into BBLP asap. Clerk and Lengthsman to complete.
14.2. The Clerk confirmed that the budget from last year was £2448 and the Council had spent £2474.01 (overspend of £26.01). Clerk to chase Q4 payment which is outstanding. Clerk to action.

15. Parish Council meetings for next 12 months

15.1. It was agreed to continue meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month except August and January. All meetings to start at 7.30pm at St Weonards Village Hall unless otherwise informed by the Clerk. Clerk to action circulating the new meeting dates to all Councillors and other regularly invited guests plus book the Village Hall. Meeting dates to be put in Noticeboard along with draft minutes. Clerk to action

16. The Councillors noted the information sheet from the Clerk

17. Items for next meeting

17.1. Website demonstration by Mark Millmore
17.2. Housing Project Update
17.3. Village sign

18. The date of next meeting is Monday 8th June 2015 at 7.30pm at St Weonards Village Hall

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.15pm.