Minutes from Meeting held on 7th July 2014

Present: Councilors Richard Williams ( Vice Chairman ), Michael Caine,Laura Williams, Thelma Salvage ( Clerk ) Tracy Knights Lengthsman and local Resident Paul Gray.

Appologies: Councilor Clare Harris and Julian Evans.

Declaration of interest : None

Minutes from meeting on the 16th June were read and signed.

Public Participation Period.

Tracy Knights commented on the Telegraph poles in the village which have been re-placed by BT. The re-placed ones have not been put back where they were taken out. One is in the middle of a recently dug out ditch and the other one now blocks the left view of a cross roads. T.S to action contact BT and Herefordshire Council.
Paul Gray brought to our attention the pavement opposite the shop just before you go down Church Hill has a lumpinit where the tarmac has risen. Worried some one may trip. T. S. to report to Hereford Council.

Traffic Calming

After the last meeting we discussed Gates at the approach of the village no one was keen, didnot feel they would work.

There was some talk of Zig Zag lines or Black and White crossing where the pavements are dropped just below the shop. The consensus being it would be safer for pedestrians and would slow the traffic. T.S. to email over to Jon Norris

Housing in St Weonards.

Waiting to hear from Two Rivers and Affordable Housing representatives Kimberley Read and Haley Crane. Last meeting they attended they told us they would be in touch before the end of July.
Pullins on bottom road still waiting a reply.James Powell was emailed about re-location of Bus Stop outside Paul Gray’s house, waiting a reply.

Spead Results

Results from Black Boxes errected in the village last year finally came to the table. Several printed copies were passed around for every one to see. Email with results sent out to all councilors and several local residents.

Neighbourhood Plan.

Notification given. Service Level Agreement to be signed by chair Councilor Clare Harris at next meeting. We need a steering committee. Councilor Michael Cain is looking at costs for suport from a firm that helps guide new parish groups.


Lengthsman Tracy Knights and Councilor Michael Cain to do Pot Hole Survey throughout the village and pass on to Balfour Beatty/ Hereford Council.

Meeting Cosed at 8.45