Minutes from Meeting Held on 16th June 2014

Present: Councilors Claire Harris (Chair),Julian Evans.Michael Cain,Laura Williams,Thelma Salvage (Clerk),Tracy Knights Lengthsman, Five Local Residents and Mrs Yvonne King.
Two Rivers Housing Kimberely Read.

Appologies: Councilor Richard Williams and Housing Officer Hayley Crane.

Delaration of interest: None

Minutes from meeting on the 12th May were read and signed.

Accounting statements for 2013/2014 were approved by council.

Two Rivers representative Kimberley Read’s report:

Land owner has been in discussion over the purchase of the building plot with Two Rivers Housing. Layouts are being done with architect.

Work is being carried out with planners – design and engineering.In July will know if funding is secured.The pre – planning meetings should start late july.If planning is passed housing budgeted for 2015-2016 12 affordable and 5 open market.Access to be discussed with highways.Residents would like to see exit/entrance to come off the main A466.

Kimberley to be contacted a week before next meeting to see if there is an update to bring to next meeting. Thelma Salvage to action.

Jon Norris Ward Councilor

Has planned a meeting at The Moon of Garway on Wednesday 25th June 7.30 for all local councilors from different parishes.

Discuss and talk about whats happening in the different parishes and can we pull together to get things done.

Public Participation Period.

Mrs Yvonne king Offered several suggestions for speed control through St Weonards village that are currrently being trialed through-out the County.These ideas include Village furniture,training in use of radar guns and crossings. Dan Pilkington to be contacted to ask about a blackbox being allocated in the village. Thelma Salvage to action.

Mr Paul Gray enquired about the positioning of the bus stop. James Powell has been informed of enquiry. Thelma Salvage to follow up.

Pullins on the bottom road reported to Highways, Bruce Evans. Thelma Salvage to follow up.

Neighbourhood Plan.

In the plannig stage at present subject to Core Stratorgy.


Lengthsman Tracy Knights and Councilor Michael cain to make a map of pot holes throghout the village and pass on to Jon Norris Ward Councilor.

It was decided the next meetings would be on Monday 7th July and Monday 11th August 2014.

Meetiing closed at 9.00pm