Minutes From Meeting Held 8th December 2015

Minutes From Parish Council Meeting Held in St Weonards Village Hall on Monday the 8th of December at 7.30pm

Present; Councilors Claire Harris (Chair), Michael Cain, Laura Williams, Thelma Salvage (Clerk)
Locality Steward David Attkinson, Tracy Knights (Lengthsman) Local residents Stuart Bytheway, Paul Gray and Stephen Herbert.

Appologies: Councilors Richard Williams and Julian Evans.

Locality Stewards Report.

All roads in the St Weonards area has been checked and the major pot holes will be fixed.The Isle of Dogs is under big discussion at the Hereford Council. Sign issue advertising the School and Car Park give a design and wording to Monwellhankinson Ebbavale, they will advise and give a price. Clerk to action. Copy email received from Hereford Council about local Bus Stop to Paul Gray. Clerk to action.

Parish Clerk.

Thelma Salvage handed in her resignation as from the end of December 2014 it was withdrawn until the end of March 2015. Kate Huges the new clerk will start from April 2015. Kate Hughes will be on £9.00 per hour at first but as soon as she becomes a qualified Silca her monies will go up accordingly.

Budget 2015/2016

Our present annual precept is £3,630, Clerk to fill in Precept form for 2015/16 and apply for £4,350.


Two cheques needed signing.
1.Clerks Fee 3rd quarter.
2. Annual donation towards up keep of the village hall.

Dates for 2015 for Speed Indicator Device.
It was discussed and decided the clerk should book one in April and the same in August 2015.


We received a letter The Duchy of Cornwall informing us that they have been in exploratory discussions with Herefordshire Council to see if there might be a role for the Duchy to help rural communities to meet local needs. St Weonards is one of the Herefordshire communities where the Duchy happens to have some landed interest.They would like to attend a meeting at St Weonards so as to invite discussions. The council and local residents present decided it would be best to invite them to a meeting an hear what they have to propose. Clerk to reply to correspondence with some future meeting dates.

Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan has been put on hold until the new year 2015.


Grit bins in St Weonards Herefordshire Council beleive there are bins in all the areas needed. We have enough extra salt/grit stored in the two farms allocated ,to see us through if we have a bad winter. We do need some sand bags clerk to contact James Powell from Herefordshire Council.

It was decided our next meeting dates would be on Mondays at 7.30pm in the village hall on the 9th February, the 9th March and the 13th April 2015.

Meeting close at 8.50pm