Minutes from Meeting held 6th October 2014

Minutes From St Weonards Parish Council AGM/Meeting. Held in St Weonards Village Hall on 6th October 2014 at 7.30pm

Present: Councilors Claire Harris ( Chair ), Richard Williams, Julian Evens,Michael Cain,Laura Williams, Thelma Salvage ( Clerk ).
Local Residents: David Atkinson ( Locality Steward ), Tracy Knights ( Lengthsman ), Stuart Bytheway,Paul Gray,Stephen Herbert.


Electing of the Offices.
Claire Harris was selected as chair by Councilor Julian Evans and seconded by Councilor Laura Williams.
Richard Williams was to stay as vice chair selected by Councilor Claire Harris and seconded by Councilor Michael Cain.

The hall representative is councilor Richard Williams.
Signaturies for the signing of cheques are Councilor Richard Williams and Councilor Julian Evans.
It was decided by all councilors that Tracy knights would carry on as Lengthsman for St Weonards. Tracy Knights agreed to this.

St Weonards risk assesment was read out and adopted by St Weonards council.


Our Budget Plan and Precept was disscussed and decided to be bought back to the table at the November meeting.
It was decided that the annual insurance would stay with AON.
The accounts for 2014 were adopted and the Audit Commision Anual Return was completed.
Three cheques were signed:
1. Grant Thornton End of Year Audit
2. Lengthsman Invoice for September
3. Clerks fee for second quarter of 2014

No change of interest/request for dispensation.

The Minutes from the previous meeting held on September 8th 2014 in St Weonards Village Hall at 7.30pm were read out and signed by Clair Harris ( Chair ).

Open Disscussion

The Locality Steward David Atkinson introduced himself and explained what his job involved. He has worked for Hereford council for a long time in different roles over the years.
His job now is to break down barriers between parish councils and the main hereford council. He is here to open channels of communication. He will work with our Lengthsman any highways matters will be reported to David, it will then go into a scheduled plan to be disscused further, He will visit us at our meetings at least two or three times a year. The Glass House road from St Weonards to garway should have been repaired in September it did not happen. It is now scheduled for October if this does not happen then David Atkinson will personely be involved at a meeting in Hereford Council with Highways.

The lay-byes on the bottom road adjacent to Church Hill will be disscused on Tuesday the 7th of October at Hereford Council with Hayley Crane and David. The weeds coming up through the pavement opposite the shop will also be mentioned.Thelma Salvage to email James Powell of Herefordshire Council to ask if we could have five new salt bins as there are some available at present.Signs in the village for Car Park and school David Attkinson actioning.The grenn triangle in the village could it be made one way, we would have to apply for a traffic order, David Attkinson making enquiries.Isle of Dogs culvert reported to David Attkinson he will pick up from Hereford Council and find out where Amey ,Belfour Beattie predesessers got with this complaint. The ditches in St Weonards that need Jetting will be looked at by David Attkinson and Tracy Knights, then David will initiate the work to be carried out.

Neighbourhood Plan

Data Orchard has given a list to Councilor Michael Cain which we need to work through. Mike is going to contact Edward Bannister from Hereford Council who works with Samantha Banks helping people to get started with the Neighbourhood plan.Firstly and most importantly we need a steering committee. If nothing happens before December the Bank of money is still available until April 2015.


A pot hole survey around the village has been done and sent to Hereford Highways and the locality Steward.Once the Treago/Glass House road has been resurfacedthen St Weonards roads will be looking a lot better in comparison to the begining of the year.


Kimberely Read Housing officer for Two Rivers sent a report about the progress of housing/planning for St Weonards. Kimberely and Hayley Crane will be attending the meeting in November where they will be able to give us an up-date on progress being made. Planning pre-app meetings have we any dates. Thelma to email Kimberely.

Parish Clerk.

Thelma Salvage announced that due to a change in her circumstances she would be stepping down as Parish Clerk from the end of December 2014. Thelma to put an advert in the local Parish Magazine and the Hereford Times advertising the vacant position.

The cheques for Grant Thornton, Lengthsman and Parish Clerk were signed by Councilors Richard Williams and Julian Evans.

Next meeting will be held on Monday 10th November at 7.30pm in the village hall.

Meeting closed at 9.15pm