Minutes from Meeting 8th September 2014

Held in St Weonards Village Hall on 8th September 2014 at 7.30pm.

Present: Councilors Claire Harris (Chair),Julian Evans,Michael Cain,Laura Williams, Thelma Salvage (Clerk).
Local residents: Mr Suart Bytheway,Mr Stephen Herbert,Mr Tracy Knights (St Weonards Lengthsman).

Appologies: Councilor Richard Williams and Mr Harry Simpson and Mr George Huges of AR Partners.

Change of Interest: Councilor Laura Williams retired from employment with HSBC.

Public Participation Session.
Mr Stuart Bytheway inquired about the telegraph Poles on the Furnace road which were replaced by BT and not put back in their rightful location. One is blocking a ditch and one is obstructing the visibility at the crossroads. It has been reported but there has been no response. Thelma Salvage to action.
At the previous meeting Mr Paul Gray asked about the thoroughfare from the car park at the rear of the village shop leading to the shop. Coucilor Claire Harris approached the subject with Lady Mynors the land owner of the thoroughfare, Lady Mynors reply was that anybody is more than welcome to walk through to access the village shop.

The minutes from the previous meeting held on 11th August in St Weonards Village Hall at b7.30pm were read out and Signed by the chair Claire Harris.

Neighbourhood Plan.

We cannot go any further with out a steering committe.Mr Chris Godding from Data Orchard who is helping us with our plan has said there is a lot to think about and a lot to be planned.Should we organize an open meeting? People need to understand the plan and realize how important the plan is to the village of St Weonards.Councilor Michael Cain is planning to devise an information leaflet and deliver them to all homes in St Weonards.Thelma Salvage to email Samantha Banks from Herefordshire Council to ask how we go about arranging an open evening ie. Would she or one of her coleagues come along and give a talk and answer any questions.If this doesn’t happen before the end of this year the monies to pay Data Orchard will still be available.


Tracy knights and Michael Cain to do a pot hole and hedge survey through out the village of St Weonards and send the results to Herefordshire Council. A Mr Hurrall of Pendigett Farm has asked about pot hole repairs and verge cutting in front of his house. The site has been visited by the Lengthsman and councilor Michael Cain whilst on their survey. The Glass House Road is really in need of repair. It has been reported by both St Weonards and Garway Parish Councils on numerous occassions. It seems to be the only road left in the village that has not been repaired. We were told at the beginig of this year that we would receive extra salt bins this September after a survey done by the lengthsman in the winter months. Thelma Salvage to email James Powell to check if this is still going to happen.

An invoice from the Lengthsman was received for work done in August 2014. A cheque was wrote out and signed by councilor Julian Evans and Thelma Salvage ( Clerk).

Meetings for 2014
Our next meeting is planned for Monday 6th October (AGM) and the two after that would be Monday November the 10th and Monday December the 8th.
Meeting closed at 8.15pm