Minutes from Meeting 10th November 2014

Minutes From St Weonards Parish Council Meeting. Held in St Weonards Village Hall on Monday 10th November at 7.30pm.

Present: Councilors Richard Williams ( Vice Chair ), Julian Evans, Michael Cain, Laura Williams and Thelma Salvage Parish Clerk.
Local Residents:Tracy Knights ( Lengthsman ), Stuart Bytheway, Stephen Herbert and Two Residents from Garway. Housing Officer for Two Rivers Kimberley Read.

Appologies: Councilor Claire Harris.


The funding for the houses to be built in St Weonards has been secured. The plan is that the site should be completed by 2018. Highways consultant has suggested that the passing bays and the one way system on Church Hill will surfice the extra traffic. passing bays on the bottom road will be completed within the next few months.Highways to let us know trhe lengths of passing bays.Pre App going in at the end of November 2014. meetings to start at the begining of 2015, Public participation in January, planning meeting in Febuary. Twelve affordable houses and five open market. There will be a twelve week consultation. If all goes through it will take us upto April 2015. Work will commence at the start of Summer 2015 and will be complete in twelve to eighteen months after. There will be mostly three bed and a couple of four beds. The affordable houses will always remain shared ownership. Councilors Richard Williams and Julian Evans will attend the Pre-Planning meetings.

Neighbourhood Plan.

The grant for the plan is available now and more in 2015. Mike making enquiries as to how much. We will not start doing anything now until the New year.


We need more sand bags delivered to Treago Farm. Thelma to email James Powell. Isle of Dogs Thelma to email D Attkinson. Tracy Knights ( lengthsman ) waiting to hear when David Attkinson is available to go around the village of St Weonards looking at blocked Culverts and Gullies. We needed to choose three roads to add to our wish list for 2015 that we would like to be re-surfaced. The councilors decided the worst ones in the village were C 1249, U71420 and U71405. Thelma to inform D Attkinson.

Next Meeting monday 8th December 2014 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 8.30pm