Ordinary Minutes 9th March 2020

Mtg no: 51


Minutes from Ordinary Meeting held on
Monday 9th March 2020 at
St Weonards Village Hall, at 7.45pm

Councillors Present: Cllrs Mike Cain (Chair), Richard Williams and Laura Williams

In attendance: County Cllr Toni Fagan, Tracy Knights (Parish Lengthsman)Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council), and 2 members of the public

1. Apologies were received from Cllrs Peter Gebbie and Rob Bowen

2. There were no declarations of interest for any agenda items.

3. Co-option – There is still one vacancy on the Council at present but there were no co-options at this meeting. The Council asked the Clerk to put an advertisement in the local Parish Magazines to inform people there is a vacancy on the Parish Council. Clerk to action

4. The ordinary minutes of meeting held on 10th February 2020 were adopted and signed.

5. Open discussion limited to 10 mins to be shared out between each section ie 2/3 minutes each
5.1. Residents Views :–
5.1.1. There were none received.
5.2. County Cllr Toni Fagan reported the following:
5.2.1. Cllr Fagan attended the meeting and reported the following to the Parish Council: Council tax set to increase by 3.9% Coronavirus – a case was confirmed in Hereford on 9/3/2020. Looking to increase 20mph speed limits in residential areas Setting up a strategic Housing Forum to help homeless Sec of State – petition against closing minor emergency units National England decision that the phosphate levels in Herefordshire need reducing as they are very high in the river wye. Consultation on transport is taking place LEF funding has been withdrawn so no Southern Link road The new corporate plan has been launched for review Flooding – if residents have been affected by flooding then to ask that the log this with Balfour Beatty system or online via Herefordshire Council website. Need to gather as much information on the effect of flooding on roads and properties.
5.3. James Howell, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward was unable to attend the meeting but the Clerk had circulated the weekly reports to the Councillors.
5.3.1. The Council asked if James Howell could look at the passing places along the road from Church road that get very boggy during winter months – what can we do with these. Clerk to speak to James to see if he can meet the parish Council to discuss further. Clerk to action

6. Sandyway
6.1. The Clerk reported that the reduce speed signs have been replaced but had nothing further to update the Parish Council or members of the community on Sandyway road.

7. Lengthsman and P3 Footpath Scheme
7.1. Tracy Knights, Parish Lengthsman, updated the Council with the following:
7.1.1. he confirmed that he had completed the usual maintenance in the Parish,
7.1.2. the salt has arrived at Ron Evans’,
7.1.3. he had checked Lady Wood and it is not accessible and will need clearing – the Parish Council asked Tracy to see if he can clear the access Tracy to action,
7.1.4. roads are breaking up and there is silt everywhere
7.2. The Parish Council asked Tracy just to carry out the usual maintenance.

8. Finances
8.1. The Council noted the HSBC Bank Balance to be £4625.38 on 8/3/20 and budget spend was reviewed and on track for the end of the financial year.
8.2. The Council RESOLVED payment of the following invoices, Clerk to action: –
8.2.1. Clerks salary for March £276.86 – Cheque 100491
8.2.2. Autela Payroll Services Q4 – Inv 3627 £40.20+VAT – Cheque 100489
8.2.3. HMRC PAYE months 10-12 – £207.80 – Cheque 100490
8.3. The Parish Council discussed the following financial risks to the Parish Council
8.3.1. Bank Mandate – the Clerk confirmed that the Bank were setting up the internet banking so that the Clerk can raise payments for 2 signatories to sign as per the current mandate for signing cheques. Clerk is just waiting for confirmation from the Bank so she can then set up the signatories on the online banking system. All signatories on the bank account are correct and up to date. The Council agreed for the Clerk to action this once confirmation had been received. Clerk to action

9. Planning Applications
9.1. The Council considered the planning application.
9.1.1. Planning applications P200602 – Land at Clifton House, JC Whistance & Son, St Weonards, Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 5 9 15 17 & 20 attached to planning permission 17184. – The Parish Council reviewed the amendments to the application and RESOLVED to support the application and to ask if as part of the 106 monies that SIDS can be added as either end of the village. Clerk to action
9.2. The Council noted the update on current planning applications

10. The Council noted the correspondence received and Clerk’s information sheet.

11. The following items were raised for the next meeting: Sandyway update.

12. The Council noted the date of next meeting to be Monday 13th April 2020 at 7.45pm

Meeting closed 8.55pm