Ordinary Meeting minutes 13th May 2019 Mtg 43

Mtg No: 43



PRESENT:   Cllrs M Cain, Mrs L Williams, R Williams, P Gebbie and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk to Council)

IN ATTENDANCE: Tracy Knights (Parish Lengthsman) 1 other resident

1. All Councillors signed the acceptance of office forms and adopted the Herefordshire Council’s Code of Conduct. Cllr R Williams was absence so was unable to sign his form.

2. Election of Chairman. Cllr Laura Williams proposed that Cllr Mike Cain take up the position of Chairman and Cllr Pete Gebbie seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Chairman, Cllr M Cain was elected. The Chairman signed the Acceptance of Office of Chairman form.

3.  Election of Vice Chairman:  Cllr Mike Cain proposed that Cllr Richard Williams continues as Vice Chairman for another year and Cllr Rob Bowen seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Vice Chairman, Cllr R Williams was re-elected in his absence. Clerk to confirm he is happy to stand as vie Chairman. Action Clerk.

4. Election of other offices
4.1. Internal Auditor – Clerk informed the Parish Council that he had asked David Bevan if he would be happy to stand as Internal Audit and he has confirmed he would (Isobelle Bevan is happy to stand-in if David is ever unavailable). It was RESOLVED to appoint David Bevan to this post. Clerk to action
4.2. Representative on the Village Hall Management Committee – Cllr Mike Cain proposed and Cllr Peter Gebbie seconded that Cllr Richard Williams continues as Village Hall Representative. Cllr R Williams was appointed to this post. Clerk to confirm if Cllr R Williams happy to be re-elected on to this Committee. Clerk to action

5. The Council RESOLVED to co-opt Robert Bowen on as a Parish Councillor. Cllr Robert Bowen signed the necessary forms. There is still one vacancy available on the Council.

6. Apologies
6.1. There were apologies received from Cllr R Williams.

7. Declarations of Interest
7.1. The Clerk asked the Councillors to check their Declaration of Interests Form to make sure the information was up to date. Cllr P Gebbie needed to update his Declaration of Interest Form but the other Councillors confirmed that there were no amendments to be made.
7.2. None declared for the agenda items.

8. The minutes from the meeting held on 8th April 2019 were adopted and signed by the Chairman.

9. Open Discussions
9.1. Report from County Councillor – There was no report.
9.2. Report from James Howell, Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty – James was not in attendance, so no report.
9.3. View from residents: There were no issues raised.

10. Lengthsman Scheme
10.1. Tracy Knights, Lengthsman and P3 Footpath Officer, reported that he had put the blue pedestrian sign up by the car park.
10.2. He has also looked at the footpath from Ladywood and there was a tree blocking the path, which he has removed, and the path is now open again.
10.3. The Council RESOLVED for Tracy to carry out maintenance work around the parish over the summer months to keep it looking tidy and safe. Tracy to action
10.4. The following “hot spot” areas have been raised as areas needing attention in the Parish. Tracy to action
10.4.1. Water gathers by Treago Farm on the corner. Possibly needs jetting
10.4.2. Hedge by the old chicken and turkey houses going from St Weonards towards Orcop are very high and in some places touching the telephone wires.
10.4.3. Strim the blind spots on junctions, corners, around signs etc on the C and U roads.

11. Planning
11.1. The Council To consider the following planning applications:
11.1.1. There were no planning applications to consider.
11.2. The Council RESOLVED to continue with the policy adopted for Clerk commenting on planning applications between meetings on the Council’s instruction.
11.3. The Council reviewed the update on planning applications received on Clerks Information Sheet. Clerk to contact Owen Jeffreys with regards to application 190850 and the safety on the roads. Clerk to action

12. Finances
12.1. The Council reviewed the Came&Co quote for the renewal of the annual insurance payment. They asked the Clerk to look at alternative like for like quotes. Clerk to action.
12.2. The Council reviewed the internal auditors report on the accounts
12.3. The Council RESOLVED to complete the Exemption from External Audit Form
12.4. To Council RESOLVED complete the governance statement Annual Audit Form
12.5. The Council RESOLVED to adopt the 2018/2019 accounts and complete the Audit Commission Annual Return
12.6. The Council noted the bank balance to be £6320.46 on the 12/5/2019
12.7. The Council noted the receipt of 1st part of Precept Payment £3350
12.8. The Council RESOLVED for the following invoices to be paid
12.8.1. Tracy Knights, Lengthsman, invoice 746 – £60 – Chq 100458
12.8.2. Internal Audit Fee from David Bevan £40 – Chq 100459
12.8.3. Clerks May Salary £277.06 – Chq 100460
12.8.4. Clerks Expenses for 2018/19 = £68.99 – Chq 100461
12.9. The Council considered the following financial risks to the Parish Council
12.9.1. The Council RESOLVED to review Financial Regulations and Standing Orders at the June meeting. Clerk to action

13. The Councillors noted the information sheet from the Clerk

14. Items for next meeting –Standing Orders & Financial Regs and what else the phone box can be used for.

15. The next meeting will be the Ordinary Meeting to be held on Monday 10th June 2019 at 7.30pm at St Weonards Village Hall

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.15pm.