Ordinary Meeting 7th September 2015


Minutes from Ordinary Meeting held on
Monday 7th September 2015 at 7.30pm

Councillors Present: Cllrs M Cain (Chair), J Evans, Mrs L Williams and
Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council)

In attendance: County Cllr David Harlow, David Atkinson (Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty),
Tracy Knights (Lengthsman), Hayley Crane (Herefordshire Council), Kimberley Read
(Hereford Housing), Jane Rigler (Good Neighbour Scheme) and 5 members of the public

1. Co-options – There were none.

2. Apologies – Cllr R Williams and PSCO Lowri Anderson

3. Declaration of Interest – Item 12.2 Cllr J Evans made a declaration of interest on the Planning Application 152285 Trevannon Farm

4. Guest speakers

4.1. Housing Project: Kimberley Read Development Manager for Hereford Housing and Hayley Crane from Herefordshire Council attended the meeting to update the Parish Council on the Housing Project for St Weonards Village. Kimberley and Hayley reported the following:
4.1.1. The housing they are looking to offer is affordable housing for local people in Herefordshire
4.1.2. Housing needs survey has been completed so does not need to be carried out again. Just need to make sure all are registered on Homepoint
4.1.3. 6 houses proposed. More than 6 houses would require a sub station.
4.1.4. All rental houses, no open market
4.1.5. Houses will be 2/3 beds
4.1.6. Matt Tompkins is the Planning Officer for the project
4.1.7. It was AGREED by the Parish Council to look further into Hereford Housing proposal and investigate the options further. Kimberley Read to contact the landowner and architect. She hopes to be able to report something back at the November meeting. Action Kimberley Read

4.2. Jane Rigler, Loneliness Helpline/Good Neighbour Scheme: Jane addressed the Parish Council about the setting up of the Good Neighbour Scheme/Loneliness Helpline for local people. Jane lives in Orcop and is a retired Nurse who is looking to set up the Scheme and Helpline. It was AGREED for the Parish Clerk to contact Jane so that a copy of her presentation could be put on the website. Action Parish Clerk

5. The minutes from the meeting held on 6th July 2015 were signed and adopted.

6. Open Public Session

6.1. Views of Local Residents
6.1.1. The Clerk reported back to the Council that Edward Tonks from Balfour Beatty could meet up during the week on a Wed or Thurs to discuss the “slow” signage and other options to help with slowing down traffic through the village. Clerk to arrange a meeting between Edward and Councillors. Clerk to action
6.1.2. Parishioners reported that there are weeds coming up through the path opposite the shop and going down Church Lane and this is causing bumps to appear. Clerk to report this online at Herefordshire Council. Clerk to action

6.2. Report from West Mercia Police
6.2.1. As PSCO Lowri Anderson was unable to attend, but Clerk had circulated the most current Police Briefing to all Councillors and will in the future put on the website. Clerk to action

6.3. Report from David Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward
6.3.1. Dave Atkinson reported that most of the potholes had now been repaired.
6.3.2. The A466 sign has been replaced.
6.3.3. Flooding issue at Isle of Dogs is now being looked at to see how it can be rectified as it crosses over the boundary of St Weonards Parish and Llangarron Parish. It could take a while to get sorted.
6.3.4. Dave AGREED to look at the land drainage by the Old Vicarage on A466. Dave to action

6.4. Report from County Councillor David Harlow
6.4.1. Cllr Harlow had sent a report for the Clerk to read out at the meeting and to be put on the website. Clerk to action.
6.4.2. Cllr Harlow reported that the core strategy should be adopted by the end of September.
6.4.3. Cllr Harlow asked if the Parish Council could circulate the link to the online survey on Herefordshire Council’s website for the Budget Consultation on the Parish Council’s website and village noticeboard. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/government-citizens-and-rights/democracy/council-finances/priorities-and-budget-consultation-2016-to-2020 Clerk to action

6.5. Report from Tracy Knights, Lengthsman
6.5.1. The Council asked Tracy to tidy up the overgrown path from the Village Hall to the village car park. Tracy to action

7. Community Governance Review
7.1. Clerk to feedback that the Parish Council are happy with the current situation for Parish Council boundary, number of Councillors etc. Clerk to action by 30th Sept.

8. Lengthsman
8.1. The Council AGREED to join the P3 Footpath Scheme and re-join the Lengthsman Scheme this year and signed the necessary contracts. Clerk to action returning the contracts
8.1.1. Tracy Knights was appointed as the Footpath Officer to report back at the meeting on any defects that have been identified by him or reported by Parishioners. Stuart Bytheway agreed to assist Tracy with walking the footpaths and reporting any defects. The footpaths will need to be walked at least twice a year by the Footpath Officer or volunteers.
8.1.2. Clerk to action putting a notice in Parish Magazine and on Website informing Parishioners about the P3 Footpath Scheme and how to report any defects. Clerk to action
8.2. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to claim the Q1 and Q2 invoices for the Lengthsman Scheme as the contracts had now been signed. Clerk to action updating the Annual Maintenance Plan and circulating to James Powell at BBLP, Tracy Knights as Lengthsman and Parish Councillors. Clerk to action
8.3. The Council noted the Q4 payment from 2014/2015 of £684.99 had been received into the bank.
8.4. The Council noted the ditches maintenance proposal for future work that may need to be carried out.
8.5. The Council AGREED for the following work be carried out by Tracy Knights in addition to his regularly tasks: replace verge markers on verge by village hall heading towards Monmouth to protect the daffodil bulbs that have been planted.

9. Website
9.1. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to continue adding content to the website. Clerk to action
9.2. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to advertise the website in the local magazine and on the notice board by the shop. Clerk to action
9.3. The Clerk attended a Transparency Code Training at HALC in August and reported back to Councillors the requirements for the website and Council activities. Clerk to action ensuring website up to date

10. Finances
10.1. It was AGREED to review the quotes for the village signage at the October meeting. Monwell signs have gone bankrupt to need to look for another quote. Clerk to action
10.2. The Council noted the Bank Balance £4016.67 and reviewed the Payment and Receipts report prepared by Clerk. Budget is on track.
10.3. It was AGREED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action
10.3.1. Clerk’s monthly salary of £196.95 September
10.3.2. HALC invoice no: 6143 for Clerk’s training £12.50 plus VAT
10.3.3. Eyelid Productions Ltd invoice no. 1728 – Website design £510 (no VAT)
10.3.4. Expenses for Clerk – Freedom of Information/Data Protection £35
10.3.5. Garren Services (Lengthsman) invoice no: 514 £187.50 (no VAT)
10.4. The Council AGREED to review the Precept at the October meeting.

11. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
11.1. The Council AGREED to put the NDP plans on hold until the New Year.

12. Correspondence received
12.1. SID booked for September – £180 inc VAT
12.2. Planning Application 152285 Trevannon Farm – The Council AGREED there were no objections to this application. Clerk to action

13. Items for the next meeting
13.1. Precept, Housing and Duchy of Cornwall, Village sign quotes, Website,

14. The date of next meeting will be held on Monday 12th October at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 9.10pm