Minutes from Ordinary Meeting 14th December 2015


Minutes from Ordinary Meeting held on
Monday 14th December 2015 at 7.30pm

Councillors Present: Cllrs M Cain (Chair), J Evans, Mrs L Williams, R Williams and Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council)

In attendance: Tracy Knights (Lengthsman), and 1 member of the public

1. Co-options – There were a couple of suggestions of people to ask if they might be interested. Clerk to action

2. Apologies – PSCO Lowri Anderson, County Cllr David Harlow and David Atkinson (Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty),

3. Declarations of Interests – Cllr R Williams declared an interest in item – Village Hall Donation

4. The minutes from the meeting held on 9th November 2015 were signed and adopted.

5. Open Public Session

5.1. Views of Local Residents
5.1.1. The Council had received a letter from Dore Community Transport at a previous meeting asking for a donation. The Council had received the further information requested on the number of residents that use the service and how often. The Council AGREED to send a donation of £50 to Dore Community Transport. Clerk to action
5.1.2. The Clerk to speak to Edward Tonks from Balfour Beatty and ask for some suggested dates to meet up to discuss the “slow” signage and other options to help slow down traffic through the village. Clerk to action following up dates
5.1.3. The Council asked the Clerk to find out more about Fastershire in St Weonards area plus a defibrillator for the telephone box. Clerk to action

5.2. Report from West Mercia Police
5.2.1. As PSCO Lowri Anderson was unable to attend, but Clerk had circulated the most current Police Briefing to all Councillors and will put it on the website. Clerk to action

5.3. Report from County Councillor David Harlow
5.3.1. Cllr Harlow had sent a report for the Clerk to read out at the meeting and to be put on the website. Clerk to action.
5.3.2. With reference to Cllr Harlow’s report, the Council asked the Clerk to find out from Miss Newton at St Weonards Primary School which school group they are in and report back at next meeting. Clerk to action

5.4. Report from David Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward
5.4.1. Dave Atkinson was unable to attend, but the Clerk was asked to report the problem with the drain at the bottom of Honger Hill. Clerk to action
5.4.2. The Council discussed the SID options proposed by Dave Atkinson and are happy to be involved in the group discussion about the possibility of sharing the costs of a SID with other local Parish Councils.

6. Lengthsman and P3 Scheme

6.1. Report from Tracy Knights, Lengthsman and P3 Footpath Officer
6.1.1. Tracy reported that he had started clearing debris out of the ditches and tree felling where required.
6.2. Clerk confirmed the submission dates for Q3 is Dec 2015 and Q4 is March 2016 for Lengthsman invoices. Clerk to action as necessary
6.3. Cllr J Evans presented his car park marking proposal for the village car park for the school/shop/village hall. It was AGREED for Tracy to mark up as per proposal and to ask Dave Atkinson on suggestions for getting lines painted up. Tracy to action
6.4. Clerk to ask BBLP for 3 salt bins. Tracy to confirm location of salt bins. Clerk to action asking Dave Atkinson

7. Finances
7.1. The Clerk confirmed that the precept form for 2016/17 had been returned.
7.2. The Council noted the Bank Balance £3412.47 after the December cheques below will be cleared. The Council reviewed the Payment and Receipts report prepared by Clerk. The Council reviewed the budget and that it is on track.
7.3. It was AGREED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action
7.3.1. Clerk’s monthly salary of £196.95 December and £196.95 January 2016
7.3.2. The Council discussed and agreed to pay the following invoices Donation to OWL – £50 Donation to St Weonards Village Hall – £500
7.4. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to get a final quote on the village sign ready for the February meeting. Clerk to action

8. Planning
8.1. The Council AGREED to look at the following planning application 153557 Tump Barn, Three Ashes, Hereford HR2 8LU.

9. Housing Development update
9.1. Update from Herefordshire Housing
Kimberley Read, Development Manager from Herefordshire Housing Ltd was unable to attend the meeting but emailed the following briefing note.

“As requested, please find below a brief update to be read at the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 14th December. Herefordshire Housing have now received some build cost estimates for a 6 unit development and we are busy undertaking the necessary financial appraisals to review the viability of the scheme. We are also working closely with the architects, cost consultants and engineers to ensure that a scheme of 6 homes is the best solution for the site. I plan to attend your Parish Council meeting in January to confirm the results of our viability assessment modelling. This will confirm whether or not a 6 unit scheme can be delivered on the site.”

Clerk to speak to Kimberley Read and ask if Parish Council can be involved in planning application meeting or viability meeting to provide any local knowledge and insight. Clerk also to speak to County Cllr Harlow and ask for him to be involved in the project to provide support. Kimberley Read has confirmed that she will be attending the February meeting. Clerk to action

10. Items for the next meeting
10.1. Herefordshire Housing update, finalise Village sign quotes, Website, SID to re-book, Fastershire talk and Defibrillator for phone box.

11. The date of next meeting will be held on Monday 8th February at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm

Signed by Chairman: ……………………………………… Date: ……………………..