Herefordshire Association of Local Councils

Working Partnership between Councils in Herefordshire

The Sustainable Community Strategy for Herefordshire

“We will develop stronger, vibrant, more inclusive communities in which people enjoy a good quality of life and feel they have influence over decisions that affect them”.

There are 134 parish and town/City Councils in Herefordshire with 1200 parish councillors. These Councils are the grass-roots of local government and have a valuable role to play in local democracy and service provision.

Herefordshire Council and Local Councils within Herefordshire have agreed to publish a Charter which sets out how they aim to work together.

This Charter is the outcome of consultations locally and across Herefordshire to validate existing good practice and to establish some new and enhanced ways of working. They are keen to see continued efforts made to improve our system of local democracy and to see greater public participation.

Individual town and parish Councils can become members of the ‘Herefordshire Association of Local Councils’ (HALC). HALC is the representative body for Local Councils and supports its members by providing an advisory service, including legal advice supported by their national organisation, the National Association of Local Councils.

Herefordshire Council also employs a ‘Parish Liaison Officer’ to further the interests of this Charter and to work with Local Councils in their dealings with Herefordshire Council.

Herefordshire Council has a strategic role in ensuring the equitable distribution of services and Local Councils offer a means for the community to:-

  • Shape the decisions that affect them.
  • Decentralise the provision of certain services
  • Revitalise the local community.

Herefordshire Association of Local Councils

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