DRAFT Ordinary Minutes of 12th March 2018

Mtg No: 29


Minutes from Ordinary Meeting held on
Monday 12th March 2018 at
St Weonards Village Hall, at 7.30pm

Councillors Present: Cllrs Mike Cain (Chair), Richard Williams, Peter Gebbie, Mrs Laura Williams, Julian Evans and Rob Bowen

In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council), and 3 members of the public

1. There were apologies received from, Tracy Knights (Parish Lengthsman and Parish Footpath Officer), Cllr David Harlow (County Cllr) and David Atkinson (Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty).

2. There were no declarations of interest or dispensations to items on the agenda
2.1. Cllr Gebbie informed the Parish Council that he had started a new job as Emergency Planning Officer for Herefordshire Council. He has updated his Register of Interest Form accordingly.

3. The ordinary minutes of meeting held on 4th December 2017 were adopted and signed.

4. Open discussion limited to 10 mins to be shared out between each section ie 2/3 minutes each
4.1. David Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward was unable to attend the meeting so there was nothing further to report.
4.1.1. The Parish Council asked the Clerk to report the potholes via the Herefordshire Council website “Report a Pothole” for Dave to inspect. Deep pothole by Greenacres on Three Ashes Road, three ashes road generally bad plus potholes through St Weonards Village on A466 on Hereford side and opposite Old School House. Clerk to action
4.1.2. Drain cover missing by Velindra. Clerk to action reporting
4.1.3. If Parishioners wanted to report potholes on the Herefordshire Council website the line is: https://herefordshire.gov.uk/report-a-pothole
4.2. County Councillor David Harlow was unable to attend the meeting but had sent a report to the Parish Councillors, which was available at the meeting.
4.3. Clerk to forward report from West Mercia Police to Councillors. Clerk to action
4.4. Residents Views – There were no views raised.

5. Lengthsman and P3 Footpath Scheme
5.1. The Clerk reported that there is money left in the Lengthsman and P3 budget. The Council RESOLVED for Clerk to give Tracy Knights a list of jobs to complete in the parish: Check grit bins in parish particularly on hilly areas and complete any general maintenance. Clerk to action speaking to Tracy about budget and list of jobs
5.2. Clerk to claim any grant back from 2017/18 by 31st May 2018. Clerk to action

6. Parish Update
6.1. The Clerk updated the Council on the one-way system since the last meeting. The Clerk had written a letter and sent to Cllr Barrie Durkin, Balfour Beatty, Highways, Hayley Cane and County Cllr Harlow on 11th March which she had circulated to Councillors and shared a copy at the meeting. Awaiting a response. Clerk to action following up letter
6.2. The Clerk gave the Council an update on the BT Phone Kiosk and Defibrillator Training.
6.2.1. Clerk has completed and sent the Listed Buildings Consent Application and submitted to Herefordshire Council for the refurbishment of BT Phone Kiosk.
6.2.2. The Parish Council RESOLVED for Tracy to complete the refurbishment of the BT Phone box – repaint the BT Phone Box in the specified colours, replace glass, replace “telephone” sign with “defibrillator” sign and complete any repairs on it such as the leather door hinge strap and check the light in the BT phone box as not working at night. Clerk to action sending Tracy relevant information. Clerk to organise plaque sign to put in BT phone box stating Defibrillator funded by St Weonards PC and St Weonards PCC. Clerk to action
6.2.3. The Clerk reported that the Defibrillator Training with West Midlands Ambulance Service took place on Tuesday 23rd January 10am-12pm at St Weonards Village Hall but unfortunately had to cancel the training on Saturday 3rd February 1-3pm at Llanwarne Village Hall. Clerk looking to rearrange another training date at St Weonards Village Hall and Harewood End Inn in May/June time. Clerk to action
6.2.4. Clerk confirmed that the West Midlands Ambulance Services form has been completed which confirms registration of the location of the defibrillator in our parish.

7. Finances
7.1. The Council noted the HSBC Bank Balance to be £4700.60 on 5/3/18 and budget spend was reviewed and will come in on budget for 2017/18.
7.2. The Council RESOLVED payment of the following invoices: –
7.2.1. HALC subs 2018/19 invoice 187 – £305.15+VAT – Chq 100416
7.2.2. Tracy Knights Lengthsman Invoice – There were no invoices to be presented for payment.
7.3. The Council RESOLVED for the Clerk to attend the HALC training on Data Protection and Audit coming up in April. The cost of the training will be split between the 3 Parish Council’s the Clerk works for.
7.4. The Council identified there could be potential financial risks for the Parish Council in setting up internet banking but RESOLVED for the Clerk to set up a “view only” internet banking i.e. the Clerk will only be able to view bank balance and see what has been paid in and paid out. No payments will be made via internet banking it will continue as cheque only. Clerk to action

8. Planning
8.1.1. Planning Re-consultation – 173224 – Land to the North of Ivy Cottage, Garway, Herefordshire, Proposed erection of eight residential dwellings (C3) along with associated garages, parking, roads, highways access and associated infrastructure. The Council noted this planning application at the meeting.
8.2. The Council noted the update on current planning applications.

9. The Council noted the correspondence received and Clerk’s information sheet

10. The Council RESOLVED for the following items to be on the agenda for the next meeting: follow-up on one-way system, BT Kiosk and defibrillator.

11. The Council noted the date of next meeting to be Monday 9th April 2018 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed 9pm