Ordinary meeting minutes 9th October 2017


Minutes from Ordinary Meeting held on
Monday 9th October 2017 at
St Weonards Village Hall, at 7.30pm

Councillors Present:
Cllrs Mike Cain (Chair), Richard Williams, and Peter Gebbie

In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council), Tracy Knights (Parish Lengthsman), and 5 members of the public

1. There were apologies received and accepted from Cllrs Julian Evans, Mrs Laura Williams and Rob Bowen and David Harlow (County Cllr) and David Atkinson (Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty).

2. There were no declarations of interest or dispensations.

3. The ordinary minutes of meeting held on 11th September 2017 were adopted and signed.

4. Open discussion limited to 10 mins to be shared out between each section ie 2/3 minutes each
4.1. There was nothing to report from David Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward, as he was unable to attend.
4.2. County Councillor David Harlow sent a report to the Parish Councillors and there was nothing further to report in his absence.
4.3. The report from West Mercia Police was noted.
4.4. Residents Views
4.4.1. A resident asked if there was any further information on the speed indicator device. Clerk to speak to Dave Atkinson to see if there is any update on a shared parish speed indicator device. Clerk to action

5. Lengthsman and P3 Footpath Scheme
5.1. There was nothing to report on the two schemes as Tracy Knights, Parish Lengthsman is still off work after his operation, but will be returning in next few weeks to light duties and will then return to full duties nearer Christmas.

6. Parish Matters
6.1. The Clerk updated the Council on the one-way system and passing places at the bottom of Church Hill. The copy of the TRO on Herefordshire Council website was dated August 2013 and the TRO we discussed at the September meeting was a Proposal Order dated Oct 2012. The 2013 order had no mention of reversing the order if no housing development agreed. Clerk to speak to Graham Hornsby to gain clarification of why the difference between the two TRO’s. Clerk to chase up the situation on the passing places with Hayley Crane and Cllr Harlow. Clerk to contact Di Pearson, Defibrillator Trainer from West Midlands Ambulance Service to arrange defibrillator training for residents. Clerk to action
6.2. The Clerk updated the Council on BT Phone Kiosk and Defibrillator. She had contacted Conor Ruttedge, Conservation Officer at Herefordshire Council about what can and can’t be done with regards to the listed BT phone kiosk. The Council RESOLVED for the Clerk to get quotes on “Defibrillator” signs and contact the British Coating Federation for the BT phone kiosk. Clerk to action
6.3. The Council received an update on the Safer Roads Partnership meeting held in the village with Ian Connolly. He gave the Council advice to look at cutting back the hedge by the 30mph signs to make them more visible and to look at the getting 30mph signs with the yellow edging to make them more visible. Clerk to action getting costs

7. Planning Applications and Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

7.1. The Council RESOLVED for the Clerk to contact the NDP group to find out how many are interested in being part of the Steering Group Committee and proceeding with completing a plan. If enough interested people then the Clerk to arrange a meeting to discuss next steps. Clerk to action.
7.2. The Council considered the following planning application:
7.2.1. 173224 – Land to the North of Ivy Cottage, Garway, Herefordshire, Proposed erection of eight residential dwellings (C3) along with associated garages, parking, roads, highways access and associated infrastructure. Reply by 19th Oct. The Council RESOLVED that they would send any comments to the Clerk so she can respond. Clerk to action
7.3. The Council noted the update on current planning applications sheet.
7.3.1. The Clerk updated the Council that the Duchy of Cornwall and Clifton housing development were still on going and no decision had been made on either application yet.

8. Finances
8.1. The Council noted the Bank Balance to be £5,508.42 on 5/9/17 and reviewed the budget spend in preparation for the Parish Precept
8.2. The Council RESOLVED to pay the following invoices:
8.2.1. Hire of village hall from April 2016 to March 2017 £132 – Cheque 100408
8.2.2. Cancel cheque 400410 to Ross Gazette from July meeting and re-issue – Cheque 40011
8.3. The Council RESOLVED to discuss the Parish Precept further at the November meeting.
8.4. The Council RESOLVED to set up Cllrs R Bowen and P Gebbie on the Bank Mandate. Clerk to action

9. The Council noted the correspondence received and Clerk’s information sheet

10. The items for the next meeting to be considered are: update on one-way system, Parish precept, General Power of Competence and painting of phone kiosk plus signs for defibrillator.

11. The date of the next meeting will be Monday 13th November 2017 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed 8.35pm