DRAFT Ordinary Meeting minutes 12th June 2017


Minutes from Ordinary Meeting held on Monday 12th June 2017 that followed on from Annual Parish Meeting

Mtg No: 22

Councillors Present: Cllrs M Cain, R Williams, Cllr J Evans Mrs L Williams and Rob Bowen

In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council), David Harlow (County Cllr), David Atkinson (Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty and 15 members of the public

1. There were apologies from Tracy Knights.

2. There were no declarations of interest or dispensations.

3. The minutes of meeting held on 8th May 2017 were adopted and signed.

4. Open discussion limited to 10 mins to be shared out between each section ie 2/3 minutes each
4.1. There was nothing further to report from David Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward
4.2. County Councillor David Harlow sent a report to the Councillors but also added that Herefordshire Council had won their case with Amey on what they spent on the roads during their contract. Therefore, Clerk to speak to Cllr Harlow about the money not spent on the passing places as part of the one-way system. Cllr Harlow will speak to Dave Atkinson about the state of the Glasshouse Road. Action Cllr Harlow.
4.3. The report from West Mercia Police was noted.
4.4. There was no report from Tracy Knights, Lengthsman and Parish Footpath Officer as he had sent his apologies.

5. Planning Applications
5.1. The Parish Council considered the following planning applications:
5.1.1. Planning Application 171527 – Land south of St Weonards, St Weonards, Hereford, Construction of 24 homes, open space, landscaping, off site path, traffic calming measures and associated works. Duchy of Cornwall. Reply by 13th June.

The Council reviewed and discussed this application following on after the Annual Parish Meeting held earlier that evening and took a vote on whether they would support or oppose this planning application. A secret ballot was carried out at the meeting and the result of the ballot was 3 supports, 1 abstention and 1 did not vote.

Therefore, the Council AGREED to support the Planning Application in principle but had the following points of concern to raise:

“The Parish Council have no objections to this planning application in principle but they do have a few points to raise for concern:
1. Sewage: There is a concern that the current sewage system which is used by houses on Mount Way, by the school and a couple of other properties in the immediate village – is it going to be be able to cope with additional 24 homes?
2. Pump house on Mount Way: There is a concern that the pump house will be continually working with the amount of additional sewage being pumped up to the treatment plant – is it going to cope with the extra capacity and what amount of noise pollution will it create to local properties to it?
3. Safety on A466 road: There is already a hot spot for accidents on the junction turning right travelling south out of the village on the A466 with vehicles overtaking on the straight coming out of the village and not seeing vehicles indicating to turn right. There is a concern that with the access to the new development on the left of this junction, could this make it a further hot spot for accidents. There is also a problem of speeding vehicles through the village and with the increase of both pedestrians and vehicles to this area there is a concern of safefy and a risk of further accidents.”

The Clerk will respond with these comments on behalf of the Parish Council online at the Herefordshire Council website. Clerk to action.

5.1.2. Planning Application 171841 – Land adjacent to Clifton House, Whistance J C & Son Farm, St Weonards, Herefordshire, Residential development of 25 dwellings of which 35% is affordable, POS, SUDs, signalised pedestrian crossing, plus associated works. North Oak Homes Ltd. Reply by 23rd June. The Council AGREED to invite Rachel Walker from RCA Regeneration to come and present this application at an Open Meeting for parishioners at next meeting on Monday 3rd July. Clerk to ask Planning Officer to extend the reply date till after the meeting on 3rd July. Clerk to action.
5.2. The Council noted the update on current planning applications

6. The Council AGREED to sign the contract from BT so that they can adopt the BT Kiosk (listed phone box) in the village. The defibrillator can now be put in the phone box. Clerk to action

7. Finances
7.1. The Council noted the Bank Balance to be £3857.74 on 12th June and reviewed the budget spend which is all on track.
7.2. The Council AGREED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action:
7.2.1. HALC invoice 7467 website hosting £30+VAT
7.2.2. Payment of £1 to purchase telephone box in St Weonards
7.2.3. No invoices received from Tracy Knights, Lengthsman
7.3. There were no financial risks to the Parish Council identified.

8. The Council noted the correspondence received and Clerk’s information sheet

9. The items for the next meeting to be considered are: one-way system.

10. The date of the next meeting will be Monday 3rd July 2017 at 7pm

Meeting closed 9.35pm