Ordinary meeting minutes 10th April 2017


Minutes from Ordinary Meeting held on
Monday 10th April 2017 at 7.30pm

Councillors Present: Cllrs R Williams (took the Chair in Cllr Cain’s absence), Cllr J Evans and Mrs L Williams

In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council), David Harlow (County Cllr), David Atkinson (Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty) Sgt Emma Freer and 5 members of the public

1. Co-options – None

2. Apologies – Cllr M Cain and Tracy Knights (Parish Lengthsman)

3. Declarations of Interests – None

4. The minutes from the meeting held on 13th March 2017 were signed and adopted.

5. Open Public Session

5.1. Report from David Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward
5.1.1. David Atkinson reported that in addition to his weekly reports, he has sorted the drain by Orcop Road by Bus Stop. There will be grass cutting done again this year by two contractors across the County twice a year. The Council asked Dave to look at the Three Ashes Road and the number of potholes appearing along it. Dave to action

5.2. Report from County Councillor David Harlow
5.2.1. Cllr Harlow had sent a report to the Council and had nothing further to add.

5.3. Report from West Mercia Police
5.3.1. Sgt Emma Freer from South Wye attended the meeting to speak to the Council. She reported that she has been covering the area for 18 months and in the past 4 months there have been no reported crimes. The issue of speeding through the village was raised by the Council to see if Sgt Freer can offer any assistance. Sgt Freer will email Clerk with distances required to enforce the speed limit along with other suggestions of ways to address speeding in the village. Sgt E Freer to action
5.3.2. The Clerk circulated the most current Police Briefing to all Councillors and to put the report on the website. Clerk to action.

5.4. Views of Local Residents
5.4.1. A Resident from The Folly, St Weonards raised the safely issue of the brook, culvert and bridge on the road from The Folly to Tre-essey. Dave Atkinson said he would check the areas raised and report back to the Clerk. As the property is on the border of St Weonards Parish and Llangarron Parish, the Clerk to speak to Cllr E Swinglehurst about doing a joint project. Dave and Clerk to action
5.4.2. The Clerk reported that she had a quote for the village signs directing pedestrians from car park towards village hall and shop. There were two prices given £11.90 (+ £15 carriage) for following wording “Village Shop and Hall” and £13.60 (+ £15 carriage) for “To Village Shop and Hall” directional white signs with black writing. The Council RESOLVED for the Clerk to get the price of the signs in blue with white writing on i.e. the pedestrian walking signs so that it is clear that it is a walking route for pedestrians and not vehicles. Clerk to action

6. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
6.1. The Council RESOLVED to put NDP on the Annual Parish Meeting agenda and agreed to hold this meeting on 12th June. Clerk to find out the availability of Stephanie Kitto from NDP at Herefordshire Council and Lynda Wilcox from HALC to speak at the meeting. Clerk to action

7. Planning Applications
7.1. There were no new planning applications received to consider.
7.2. The Council noted the update on current planning applications.

8. The Clerk reported that she had spoken to St Weonards Village Hall Committee and they had agreed that they are happy for the defibrillator to be put on the outside wall of the Village Hall. The Council RESOLVED for the Clerk to organise a quote for erecting the defibrillator. The Clerk reported that St Weonards PPC had given a donation of £250 towards the defibrillator. Clerk to speak to Welsh Newton YFC to see if they still want to donate. Clerk to action

9. The Clerk reported that there was a good attendance at the Herefordshire Heartstart Training Course at St Weonards on 23rd March – 14 people attend.
9.1. The Clerk informed the Council that the next Herefordshire Heartstart Free Saving Lives Training Course 25th April at Llanwarne Village Hall.

10. Lengthsman and P3 Scheme
10.1. Tracy Knights, Lengthsman and Parish Footpath Officer, was unable to attend the meeting but there was nothing further to report. Clerk to claim back remaining grant money for this financial year. Clerk to action

11. Finances
11.1. The Bank Balance was £2998.49 on 5/4/17 and April is the start of the new financial year.
11.2. The Council RESOLVED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action.
11.2.1. Tracy Knights, Lengthsman Invoice 647 for work carried out £615
11.2.2. Clerks Expenses – printer cartridge £32.99, refreshments £19.06 and heating tokens (2 tokens per month for 6 months) £30 = £82.05
11.2.3. The Council noted receipt of Lengthsman Grant Payment £747.18
11.3. The Council had no financial risks to the Parish Council to raise

12. The Council noted the correspondence received and Clerk’s information sheet.

13. The following items to be put on the agenda for next meeting – Neighbourhood Development Planning, sign from car park to shop and defibrillator update.

14. The date of next meeting will be in Monday 8th May 2017 at 7pm for Annual Meeting.

Meeting closed 9pm