Draft minutes of Extra-ordinary meeting 1st Aug 2017

Mtg No: 24


Minutes from Extra-Ordinary Meeting held on
Tuesday 1st August 2017

Councillors Present: Cllrs M Cain, R Williams and Cllr J Evans
In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council) and 4 members of the public

1. There were apologies from Cllrs Mrs L Williams and Rob Bowen

2. There were no declarations of interest or dispensations.

3. Co-option of Parish Councillor: It was proposed by Cllr R Williams and seconded by Cllr M Cain to co-opt Peter Gebbie as a Parish Councillor on to St Weonards Parish Council. Cllr P Gebbie signed the office of acceptance form and completed the other forms for Clerk to return to the Elections Office. Clerk to Action

4. Neighbourhood Development Planning:
4.1. The Clerk updated the Parish Council on the meeting held on 6th July with Stephanie Kitto with regards to Neighbourhood Development Planning. Stephanie Kitto advised at the meeting that if we wanted to set up Steering Group we would need the Parish Council to approve it. At the meeting on 6th July there was enough interested to proceed with this and asked the Clerk to call an extra-ordinary meeting.
4.2. The Council AGREED to set up a NDP Steering Group to develop a plan and update the Parish Council at the monthly meetings.
4.3. The Council AGREED for the Steering Group to apply for a grant to fund completing a plan. Clerk to action
4.4. The Council AGREED to the Clerk buying parish maps and any other items to assist with next stage of Development Plan. Clerk to action speaking to Stephanie about the scale of map required. Clerk to action

***** As there were only 3 people plus the Clerk in attendance at the Neighbourhood Development Meeting that followed the Extra-ordinary meeting, it was decided that allocating roles should be left until the next meeting when more people are available. Those present at this meeting agreed to speak to the list of Planning Consultations provided by Stephanie Kitto that could be employed to help write a Plan. Follow up meeting to be arranged Sept/Oct *****

5. Finances
5.1. The Council noted the Bank Balance to be £5708.79 on 5th July
5.2. The Council AGREED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action:
5.2.1. Isobelle Bevan fee for Internal Audit £30
5.2.2. Payment of Date Protection Registration renewal £35 – BACS form filled out and signed
5.2.3. Ross Gazette invoice 57146, £32+VAT for support of St Weonards School
5.2.4. Hire of Village Hall – Anna Williams to send Clerk an invoice
5.3. Financial Risk to PC: The Council noted that Tracy Knights, Parish Lengthsman and Footpath Officer would be out of action for at least 6 months. Council to review the Lengthsman work schedule at September meeting. Clerk to action.

6. No items were identified for the next meeting.

7. The date of the next meeting will be Monday 11th September 2017 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed 9.50pm