Minutes from Ordinary Meeting 12th October 2015


Minutes from Ordinary Meeting held on
Monday 12th October 2015 at 7.30pm

Councillors Present: Cllrs M Cain (Chair), R Williams, Mrs L Williams and
Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk to Council)

In attendance: County Cllr David Harlow, David Atkinson (Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty), Tracy Knights (Lengthsman), Nick Pollock (Duchy of Cornwall) and David Curtis (Duchy of Cornwall) and 13 members of the public

1. Co-options – There were none.

2. Apologies – Cllr J Evans and PSCO Lowri Anderson

3. Declaration of Interests – There were none.

4. Guest speakers

4.1. Duchy of Cornwallopening up discussions of potential housing development on Duchy land:
4.1.1. Which land: 5 acres of land on edge of village below School/Mountway and alongside A466.
4.1.2. Parish Council wanted to open up discussions with Duchy of Cornwall to look into what options would be available with regards to developing on this land within the Neighbourhood Development Plan.
4.1.3. If plans were to be drawn up, access to the development would be off the A466 and not through Mountway.
4.1.4. If a development were to proceed, the Duchy of Cornwall would be involved right from start to completion. They would work with residents to find out the needs and burning issues of the village.
4.1.5. The Parish Council AGREED to book a Design Workshop to be run by the Duchy of Cornwall to look at options with local residents. Nick Pollock to action with Clerk. Clerk to email Nick Pollock Residents were asked to let the Clerk know if they would like to be involved in the Design Workshop or become part of a working party with the Duchy of Cornwall. The Parish Council was asked by a member of the public to reject the planning development with the Duchy of Cornwall and an undirected informal show of hands of those against it was requested 6/13 residents opposed the development.

4.2. Update from Herefordshire Housing
4.2.1. Kimberley Read from Herefordshire Housing was unable to attend the meeting but emailed the following update. “HHL are currently reviewing the site options as discussed at the previous Parish Council meeting. As part of this exercise, HHL are obtaining cost advice for the scheme and will be looking at the financial viability prior to the next Parish Council meeting. We should be in a position by November to let the Parish Council know whether we are able to assist with the provision of affordable housing in the village.”

5. The minutes from the meeting held on 7th September 2015 were signed and adopted.

6. Open Public Session

6.1. Views of Local Residents
6.1.1. The Clerk reported back to the Council that Edward Tonks from Balfour Beatty is currently on annual leave until 19th Oct, therefore the Clerk will follow up arranging a meeting with regards to discussing the “slow” signage and other options to help slow down traffic through the village. Clerk to action
6.1.2. The Clerk read out an email from residents from Scotsbrook area with regards to the missing bus stop sign on the A466. Clerk has contacted Paul Williamson at Herefordshire Council who is looking into the situation. Clerk to follow up and report back to Parish Council and residents. Clerk to action
6.1.3. The Clerk read out an email from a resident highlighting the speeding issues through the village. The Parish Council noted these issues and hope to be able address some of these after the meeting with Edward Tonks.

6.2. Report from West Mercia Police
6.2.1. As PSCO Lowri Anderson was unable to attend, but Clerk had circulated the most current Police Briefing to all Councillors and will put it on the website. Clerk to action

6.3. Report from David Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward
6.3.1. Dave Atkinson reported that he had looked at the drain outside Old Vicarage and has sorted the issue.
6.3.2. Residents raised the issue of the silted over drain by Tythe Barn opposite the Old Vicarage and asked if it could be looked at. Dave Atkinson to action
6.3.3. Dave reported that the flooding issue at Isle of Dogs has now been referred to the Drainage Dept at BBLP and they have a very limited budget. Therefore, it is doubtful how soon this problem will be looked at.
6.3.4. Dave reported to the Parish Council that he is looking at buying a Speed Indicator Device and sharing the cost between a group of interested Parish Councils. The cost would approximately be £1700/£2000. The Parish Council AGREED that they would be interested in finding out more about this option. Dave to action and report back

6.4. Report from County Councillor David Harlow
6.4.1. Cllr Harlow had sent a report for the Clerk to read out at the meeting and to be put on the website. Clerk to action.
6.4.2. Cllr Harlow reported that Full Council should adopt the core strategy on 16th October.
6.4.3. Cllr Harlow urged the Parish Council to complete a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). The Parish Council informed Cllr Harlow they are looking to start looking at a NDP in the New Year.
6.4.4. Cllr Harlow asked if the Parish Council could circulate the link to the online survey on Herefordshire Council’s website for the School Consultation on the Parish Council’s website and village noticeboard. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/education-and-learning/schools/schools-capital-investment-strategy-consultation. Clerk to action

7. Lengthsman and P3 Scheme

7.1. Report from Tracy Knights, Lengthsman and P3 Footpath Officer
7.1.1. Tracy reported that the Glasshouse Pitch culvert would require a jetter – work requested from BBLP.
7.1.2. The Parish Council has 2 tonnes of salt at two different farms ready for the winter months. BBLP will refill the grit bins but Tracy can refill again if required.
7.1.3. Tracy asked the Council if they could request a pallet of sand bags to be delivered to be stored in the village, as we have none available. Clerk to action asking James Powell from BBLP.
7.2. The Council AGREED for Tracy to start the second lot of ditch work

8. Finances

8.1. It was AGREED to review the precept for 2016/17 at the November meeting. Clerk to action
8.2. The Council noted the Bank Balance £4733.32 and reviewed the Payment and Receipts report prepared by Clerk. Budget is on track.
8.3. It was AGREED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action
8.3.1. Clerk’s monthly salary of £196.95 October
8.3.2. Garren Services (Lengthsman) invoice no.521 for £120
8.4. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to complete the Transparency Code Grant for the website and PC costs. Clerk to action

9. Correspondence received

9.1. The Clerk reported that a letter from Dore Community Transport asking for a financial donation to help with running costs. The Council asked the Clerk to write to Dore Community Transport to find out how many local people use this service and how often. Clerk with also ask if it is ok to put a link from the Parish Council website to Dore Community Transport website. Clerk to action
9.2. Planning Application 152285 Trevannon Farm – This planning application has been approved by Herefordshire Council Planning Dept.

10. Items for the next meeting

10.1. Precept, Herefordshire Housing update, Village sign quotes, Website,

11. The date of next meeting will be held on Monday 9h November at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 9.10pm