Draft Annual Parish Meeting minutes 9th May 2016

St Weonards Parish Council

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting

held on Monday 9th May 2016 at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs Mike Cain, Julian Evans, Laura Williams, Richard Williams and
Mrs K Hughes (Clerk to Council)

In attendance: Matt Smith Herefordshire Council Fastershire Team,
Kevin Rutterford BT Fastershire Project Team and 5 other residents

1. No apologies

2. Matt Smith from Herefordshire Council Fastershire Team and Kevin Rutterford from BT Fastershire Project Team came and talked about the Fastershire Broadband project and what is involved. They advised resident to look at www.fastershire.com website to find out more when fastershire broadband will be available in our area. When it is available, you will need to contact your internet provider to change over to it. Clerk to put link on website. Clerk to action

Kevin Rutterford also talked about adopting a phone kiosk for £1 so that the parish can then use it for whatever purposes they would like to i.e. a community defibrillator. Kevin will send Clerk more information. Clerk to follow up

3. The minutes from Annual Parish meeting held on 11th May 2015 were signed and adopted.

4. The Chairman’s report –
4.1. The Chairman’s report discussed the Council’s main activities for the past year and these were:
4.1.1. Lengthsman – The Parish is looking well kept and reduced flooding from all the ditch work undertaken by the Lengthsman Scheme. Thank you to Tracy Knights and Stuart Bytheway. If Parishioners have any suggestions for areas of work for the Lengthsman, please contact the Clerk.
4.1.2. The Parish Council also agreed to join the P3 scheme at the end of 2015 and will continue with it again this year. If Parishioners have any defects on the footpaths then please contact the Clerk.
4.1.3. Housing Project – Hereford Housing Association have looked at the viability of completing the project and have informed the Parish Council that that the project is not viable. In March the Duchy of Cornwall have started public consultation within the Parish on the land south of the village.
4.1.4. Neighbourhood Development Plan – The Parish Council have not started putting together a plan with regards to the Neighbourhood Development Plan. The Chairman told the meeting that they need people from the parish to be part of the Working Party to be able to start putting a plan together.

5. Open discussion for residents – The residents at the meeting had no issues raised, therefore the meeting was declared closed at 7.50pm.

6. The Clerk will advertise when the next Annual Parish Meeting will be held in 2017.