County Councillor David Harlow’s Report Oct 2015

St Weonards Parish council

Ward member report, October 2015

Neighbourhood development plan
The full council is meeting on 16.10.15 to discuss and vote on the core strategy. The likelihood is that this will be adopted which makes it even more important for parishes to have a neighbourhood plan. It may be worth considering linking up with another parish such as Llanwarne to produce the plan. As well as spreading the work load the two parishes have much in common and this may be a way of encouraging more growth in St Weonards thereby helping the primary school to grow its numbers and surviving.

Schools capital investment strategy consultation
It is the council’s responsibility to ensure that there are enough school places in high quality learning environments across the county and we have a good track record of being able to provide the vast majority of parents with a place for their child at their preferred school.

As Herefordshire is such a rural county, we need to ensure that we carefully plan any changes and maintenance to schools and that our sparse finances are wisely spent. We do have some schools which are in need of investment to ensure they’re fully fit for purpose.

We want all children across the county to be educated in high quality learning environments. There are a number of elements which we believe will help us to achieve this, such as:

• Regularly maintained and fit for purpose buildings
• Sufficient outdoor space
• Access for those with disabilities

We want to know what you think are the most important. The six week consultation runs from Monday 21 September to Friday 30 October and I would encourage as many St Weonards residents as possible to complete the survey on the website

Good neighbour scheme
Following on from Jane Rigler’s session last month we will be starting the ‘good neighbour scheme’ within the next few weeks. This will cover Orcop, St Weonards and Llanwarne parishes in the first instance. Details to follow…

The leader of HCC has asked me to take on a role in the business department specifically to encourage business development in the county. If anyone has any thoughts on business or economic activity in Herefordshire then I’d love to hear from you.

David Harlow 08.10.2015