Annual Ordinary Meeting Minutes 14th May 2018




Cllrs M Cain, Mrs L Williams, J Evans, R Williams, P Gebbie, R Bowen and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk to Council)

IN ATTENDANCE: County Cllr David Harlow and 4 other residents

1. Election of Chairman. Cllr Richard Williams proposed that Cllr Mike Cain take up the position of Chairman and Cllr Julian Evans seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Chairman, Cllr M Cain was elected. The Chairman signed the Acceptance of Office of Chairman form.

2. Election of Vice Chairman. Cllr Mike Cain proposed that Cllr Richard Williams continues as Vice Chairman for another year and Cllr Rob Bowen seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Vice Chairman, Cllr R Williams was re-elected.

3. Election of other offices
3.1. Internal Auditor – Clerk informed the Parish Council that she had asked Isobelle Bevan if she would be happy to stand as Internal Audit and she has confirmed she would. It was AGREED to appoint Isobelle Bevan to this post. Clerk to action
3.2. Representative on the Village Hall Management Committee – Cllr Mike Cain proposed and Cllr Peter Gebbie seconded that Cllr Richard Williams continues as Village Hall Representative. Cllr R Williams was appointed to this post.

4. Apologies
4.1. There were no apologies.

5. Declarations of Interest
5.1. The Clerk asked the Councillors to check their Declaration of Interests Form to make sure the information was up to date. The Councillors confirmed that there were no amendments to be made.
5.2. None declared for the agenda items.

6. Open Discussions
6.1. Report from County Councillor – Cllr Harlow had sent a report to the Councillors that were available at the meeting.
6.2. Report from David Atkinson, Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty – Dave was not in attendance, so no report was given.
6.3. View from residents:
6.3.1. Update on Three Ashes Road – the Clerk updated the Parish Council that Dave Atkinson (Locality Steward, BBLP) had been to inspect the Three Ashes road after the issue with the tractors and trailers. Unfortunately he has no powers to do anything but will monitor the situation and report back if any further issues.

7. The minutes from the meeting held on 9th April 2018 were adopted and signed by the Chairman.

8. Lengthsman Scheme
8.1. Tracy Knights, Lengthsman and P3 Footpath Officer, reported that he had started preparing the BT Phone Box to be painted and had completed general maintenance around the parish. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to purchase the class “Defibrillator” sign to put in the phone box from The Sign Shop in Ross-on-Wye. Clerk to action
8.2. The Council AGREED for Tracy to carry out maintenance work around the parish over the summer months to keep it looking tidy and safe. Tracy to action
8.3. The Council AGREED to sign the Lengthsman and P3 Contract with Herefordshire Council. Clerk to action returning contract.

9. Planning and Housing Development Projects
9.1. The Council To consider the following planning applications:
9.1.1. Planning Re-consultation – 171841 – Land adjacent to Clifton House, Whistance J C & Son Farm, St Weonards, Herefordshire, Full planning application for the erection of 25 dwellings including access and associated infrastructure. Reply after meeting 14th May. The Council AGREED that they did not support the planning application in its current state due to the following concerns and questions: Concern over the type of crossing proposed – do not want a “noisy and beeping” crossing, as it would not fit in with a countryside village setting. Concern over the crossing distance – is it 200m? Pathway past village hall and pull-in – is the pull-in going to stay or disappear? The Bus Stop – is it a new stop or are they proposing to move the old one? Clerk to action replying – respond with comments to Roland Close, Planning Officer
9.1.2. Planning Consultation – 181096 – Coldbrook Farm, St Weonards, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8NX, Proposed agricultural building to be used for storing hay/straw. Reply by 14th May. The Council AGREED they had no objections to this application. Clerk to action replying
9.2. The Council AGREED to continue with the policy adopted for Clerk commenting on planning applications between meetings on the Council’s instruction.
9.3. The Council reviewed the update on planning applications received on Clerks Information Sheet.

10. Finances
10.1. The Clerk to review and update the new Financial Regulations and Standing Orders and circulate to Councillors once adopted at next meeting to be put on website. Clerk to action
10.2. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to look at other like for like quotes to compare to the Came & Co annual insurance quote for 2018/19 of £332.80. If Clerk finds a cheaper “like for like” quote Clerk to proceed with it, if not to continue with Came and Co Insurance for another year. Clerk to action
10.3. The Council reviewed and noted the external and internal auditors reports.
10.4. The Council completed the Exemption from External Audit Form.
10.5. The Council completed the governance statement Annual Audit Form.
10.6. The Council adopted the accounts for year ending 31/3/208 and complete the Audit Commission Annual Return.
10.7. The Council noted the bank balance to be £6749.42 on 5/5/2018.
10.8. The Council noted receipt of the 1st part of Precept Payment of £3175
10.9. The Council AGREED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action
10.9.1. Tracy Knights, Lengthsman, invoice £317.74
10.9.2. Internal Audit Fee from Isobelle Bevan £30
10.9.3. Eyelid Production technical support for St Weonards PC Website £100
10.10. The Council AGREED to go ahead with the quote from The Sign Shop for replacement glass sign on Phone Box stating “Defibrillator” text in brown. Price for 1 x 6mm glass panel 637 x 100mm (25” x 4”) with brown reverse cut letters and etched glass background, £40.00 + vat
10.11. The Council identified the following financial risks to the Parish Council
10.11.1. The Bank Mandate form needs to be completed and the Internet banking set up at the Bank. Clerk to action
10.11.2. The Council AGREED to set up PAYE for the Clerk and to employ the services of Autela Payroll Services. Clerk to action getting paperwork signed and returned to Autela Payroll Services
10.12. The Council AGREED to continue with the policy adopted for Clerk to be able to spend up to £200 in an emergency in discussions with two of the Parish Councillors.

11. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
11.1. The Clerk updated the Parish Council on the new GDPR law received from the training session at HALC
11.2. The Council reviewed the GDPR Action List in the NALC’s GDPR Toolkit and AGREED for the Clerk to action and update the Parish Council at future meetings. Clerk to action
11.3. The Council AGREED to adopt the following policies recommended by the General Data Protection Regulations GDPR Working Group and displaying them on the parish/town council website: Clerk to action
11.3.1. Data Protection Policy
11.3.2. Privacy Policy
11.3.3. Privacy Notices
11.3.4. Data Subject Access Policy
11.4. The Council AGREED to consider the options available from HALC and other bodies for the appoint of a DPO (Data Protection Officer), if required

12. The Councillors noted the information sheet from the Clerk

13. Items for next meeting – passing places, update on GDPR, Standing Orders & Financial Regs

14. The next meeting will be the Ordinary Meeting to be held on Monday 18th June 2018 at 7.30pm at St Weonards Village Hall

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.09pm.