Agenda for Ordinary Virtual Meeting 8th March 2021


Councillors are summoned to attend the Ordinary Meeting of the above Council on
Monday 8th March 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom Virtual Meeting

Email the Clerk for the meeting ID and password –


1. To receive and accept apologies for absence

2. To receive any declarations of interest or dispensations

3. To adopt minutes of meetings held on 11th January 2021

4. Open discussion (limited to 10 mins to be shared out between each section ie 2/3 minutes each)
4.1. To receive views from local residents
4.2. To receive a brief report from County Cllr Toni Fagan

5. To receive an update on Sandyway and A466 road

6. Planning Applications
6.1. To receive an update from the January meeting held with the Planning Officer on the requirements for S106 Monies pending agreement for St Weonards PC.
6.2. To consider the following planning applications,
6.3. To note the Clerks Planning Sheet.

7. Lengthsman and P3 Footpath Scheme
7.1. To consider any work that needs carrying out by the Lengthsman on the roads or footpaths.
7.1.1. To note the refurbishment of the Royal British Legion Bench
7.2. To receive an update on the Drainage Grant spend and action plan.
7.3. To note form completed for expression of interest in the Lengthsman and P3 Scheme for 2021/22.

8. Finances
8.1. To note Bank Balance, bank reconciliation and budget
8.2. To note payment of the following invoices:
8.2.1. Clerks salary for Feb
8.2.2. Garren Services Lengthsman: inv 860 £60 and inv 868 £129 = £189
8.3. To consider payment of invoices: –
8.3.1. Clerks salary for March
8.3.2. HMRC payment £476.06
8.3.3. Zoom subscription for Jan and Feb 2 x £14.39 inc VAT = £28.78 paid by Clerk
8.3.4. HALC Subs 2021/22 inv H1276 – £334.26+VAT
8.4. To consider any financial risks to the Parish Council

9. Planning Applications
9.1. To consider the following planning applications:
9.1.1. To consider the requirements for S106 Monies pending agreement for St Weonards PC in preparation for the Virtual meeting with the Planning Officer
9.2. To note the Clerks Planning Sheet.

10. To note correspondence received and Clerk’s information sheet

11. To consider items for next meeting:

12. To consider date of next meeting Monday 10th May 2021 at 7.30pm at St Weonards Village Hall or via a Virtual Meeting depending on COVID guidelines. It is the Annual Meeting(s).