Agenda – 23rd May 2022



Councillors are summoned to attend the Annual Parish Meeting of the above Council at St Weonards Village Hall on Monday 23rd May 2022 at 19.30hrs.




  1. To elect a Chairman – sign declaration of acceptance of Chairman form


  1. To elect a Vice Chairman


  1. To elect the following offices
    • Representative on the Village Hall Management Committee


  1. To receive apologies for Absence


  1. Declarations of interest
    • To receive any declarations of interest to agenda items


  1. To adopt minutes of meetings held on 14th March 2022 and 22nd April 2022


  1. Open discussion (limited to 10 mins)
    • To receive a brief report from County Councillor Toni Fagan
    • To receive views from local residents


  1. Lengthsman Scheme
    • To receive a brief report from Tracy Knights, Lengthsman and P3 Footpath Officer


  1. Planning
    • To consider the following planning applications from Herefordshire Council
    • To review update on planning applications received on Clerks Information Sheet.


  1. Finances
    • To consider internal auditors reports
    • To complete the Certificate of Exemption
    • To complete the governance statement Annual Audit Form
    • To adopt the accounts and complete the Audit Commission Annual Return
    • To note bank balance
    • To consider renewal of insurance – proposed renewal with Community First Insurance – £147.15
    • To note receipt of 1st part of Precept Payment
      • Tracy Knights, Garren Services (Invoice 943) – £30.00 (ex VAT)
      • Autela Payroll Services – (Invoice 8525) – £42.00 (ex VAT)
    • To consider any financial risks to the Parish Council


  1. To note information sheet from Clerk including correspondence


  1. To consider items for next meeting


  1. To agree the date of next meeting



Signed: ………………………………………..      Date of notice displayed:  ………………….



Mark Hearne, Parish Clerk, Rosemary Cottage, Madley, HR2 9LS, Tel: 07904 038939  Email: clerk@stweonardsparishcouncil.or